The Internet of Things and Blockchain – Smartmesh

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Forward from Blockchain Zoo:

In this episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we interview Henry Wang, the Founder and CEO of SmartMesh. We discussed topics such as:

– The decentralization of the internet
– The space race between tech giants
– MeshBox and HyperMesh technologies and how they work

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Read the full interview here:

Blockchain Beyond Hype is a series of interviews with blockchain experts and technology professionals from all across the globe about blockchain projects, challenges, innovations, and the future of blockchain within the blockchain jungle!

BBH Guest – Henry Wang is the Founder and CEO of SmartMesh Henry’s drive and vision are to build SmartMesh, the InterPlanetary Decentralized Autonomous Mobile Mesh Network, and promote the next generation application ecosystems, which can build the global sharing platform of interconnection and interoperation based on blockchain.

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