AMA Session with Barton Johnston and Roberto Capodieci on INO and POP

Use this link to register for the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Barton Johnston and Roberto Capodieci on INO (Initial Node Offering) and PoP (Proof of Participation – the new consensus system to secure blockchain for non-financial use cases)!

When? This Thursday the 19th of November 2020 at 11 AM Singapore / Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)!

Roberto Capodieci and Barton Johnston have worked the past 2 years, together with a team of 25 developers, at the implementation of ZooBC, a blockchain with a new consensus system that keeps a blockchain safe even without coins. Why it is important? For the adoption of blockchain technology in non-financial use cases, such as medical records, documentation flow, etc, and when titles managed by a smaller private blockchain are worth more than the cost of a 51% attack.

The experience done implementing blockchain solutions for non-financial use cases helped the introduction of several native functions on ZooBC, for example, the option to sign transactions with government-issued ID cards (see )

Limited seats! Register now at
Prepare your questions and ask them live!


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