ZooBC TestNet will go live soon! Linux-crypto expert needed!

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Hello everyone. We need HELP! This August 31, 2020, the first version of ZooBC TestNet will go live. We need hands-on crypto people, with a bit of experience in setting up apps in a Linux environment, to help us run Test Net nodes.

As we need to guarantee the max decentralization of the TestNet, we represent nodes as ERC-721, and we take a snapshot of them to create the Test Net Genesis Block. Before the final Test Net, we will restart the blockchain 4 times, to deploy new functionalities and fixes of the code.

The 4th restart will be the final of the testate that will run long term. We have no control of the ERC-721, so we have no control of the nodes that run the blockchain. Running a ZooBC TestNet node will give you test coin to hand over to whoever wants to build apps, will give you access to bounties to make ZooBC better, and will keep your name in history! 

🙂 Well, if you are interested to help, the ERC-721 for ZooBC TestNet is deployed in the Ethereum Goerli Test Net. Here are all the instruction on how to get one and help us: https://rcx.it/ftn

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