Should you use a hybrid PoW/PoS solution for the consensus?

First they say petrol engine is better.
Then some argue diesel is not so bad either.
Then some genius try to combine the both.
How come no one ever thought of developing the eco-friendly, more sustainable, durable and safer electrical engine?
Yes, it’s hard, it’s challenging and the movement might step on the toes of some of the current power brokers and shake up the status quo but isn’t this how bitcoin came about in the first place?
If you don’t have an open mind to learn about the problems of “diesel and petrol” engines then you probably don’t qualify as a blockchain evangelist, much less an expert.

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Credit : Blockchain Zoo

👥 Should you use a hybrid PoW/PoS solution for the consensus?

The hybrid PoW/PoS model does not create more security than either of those systems independently, and it also fails to address the major limitation of giving power to the most resourceful – the community question answered by our CTO and Co-founder, Barton Johnston.

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