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Posted on 10/21/2019 In Blockchain Zoo, News, technology, 新闻

First they say petrol engine is better.Then some argue diesel is not so bad either.Then some genius try to combine the both.How come no one […]

Posted on 06/24/2019 In Blockchain Zoo, News, revolution, technology, 新闻

Proof of Stake has been the trend in recent years.Let the leading pioneers of POS tell us why. #Blockchain #ProofOfStake Forward from BlockchainZoo : Proof-of-Work is […]

Posted on 04/22/2019 In Blockchain Zoo, News, 新闻

Come, join in. Forward from BlockchainZoo:

Posted on 02/19/2019 In Blockchain Zoo, News, technology, 新闻

Forward from BlockchainZoo: Scalability has been one of the biggest question marks around #Blockchain adoption. That’s all changing, thanks to Unit-e.