The First Operation Non-TCPIP Protocol Internet – Singapore Based Smartmesh

The first operational non-TCPIP protocol internet!
A decentralized internet means total freedom!
This is a truly Nobel prize worthy breakthrough!
Now everyone can be a part of a telecom!



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Henry Wang

Congratulations to the Singapore-based MeshBox team! This week, we crossed a significant milestone in creating a distributed Internet-of-Value solution, leaving behind an outdated, centralized internet architecture.

Our beautiful MeshBox was shipped from our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen to our R&D center, where various multi-hop mesh networking and blockchain related tests are being performed. This milestone is a small step in for MeshBox, but a big step for human society in moving towards a more inclusive society, with equal opportunity for all to access affordable Internet and banking services.

MeshBox is a critical building block in the SmartMesh distributed Internet-of-Everything protocol and Internet-of-Value infrastructure. Each MeshBox is a carrier of distributed storage, distributed computing and edge intelligence.

As the first machine to implement the next generation IT architecture, MeshBox is centerpiece of the emerging Hyper-Mesh architecture, which uses many small, distributed nodes (such as MeshBox) to implement highly-sophisticated computation, communication, and storage architectures.

A Machine-to-Machine payment platform is the foundation of the Internet-of-Everything. The requirements of such a platform are guaranteed security and highly scalable Transactions-per-Second throughput, supporting micro-payments at low-cost. The Hyper-Mesh architecture supports such requirements wherein MeshBox is a node of the SmartMesh public blockchain, Spectrum, and also a node in the Photon Network. Photon supports low-latency, high-throughput online and offline payments through use of the SMT token, which represents the granualized value of human connectivity.

SmartMesh embeds a distributed billing and payment protocol stack into the MeshBox-based Hyper-Mesh network, so that MeshBox owners can leverage a state-of-the-art monetization and billing system, which had previously only been available to centralized operators and service providers.

The result is that the half of the world without affordable Internet are highly incentivized to become grassroots distributed operators, with complete freedom to deploy the Internet-of-Value infrastructure in their communities. Thus, the trinity of owners (of MeshBox), producers (service providers), and consumers (users) were originally separate entities, but have now become one, bringing about a paradigm shift with the goal of connecting all mankind within 3 to 5 years.

During this time, developing societies are able to leapfrog slow, expensive connectivity, directly to an infrastructure in which all can enjoy affordable connectivity and participate in the Internet-of-Value.

SMT and MESH tokens are the two cornerstones of the distributed Internet-of-Value, the first for connectivity and the second for distributed storage, content, and computing.
MeshBox deployment allows SMT and MESH tokens to truly flow amongst the global Spectrum blockchain nodes and Photon network, and fuel the growth of Internet connectivity and payment networks for all.

At this point, Dr. Peter Yan, CTO of Meshbox and I are preparing to fly to the Philippines, where eager customers and partners are looking forward to our MeshBox demo !

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