SmartMesh Weekly (2019.01.21-2019.01.25)

Spectrum updates

SmartMesh Weekly (2019.01.21-2019.01.25)

Good evening! It’s Friday again~ SmartMesh Weekly is coming.

In addition to the weekly newspaper, in fact, what we want to see is MeshBox as the most important part of the SmartMesh ecosystem. It seems like a shy child in hiding. Finally, the MeshBox team got the final version of the Magic Box on Tuesday, at the same time. The team worked together to complete the Mesh networking, and after the Mesh network multi-hop, you can still see high-definition smooth video, read and watch the video in multiple hops without the internet, and pass the Photon of the secondary architecture on Specturm. The network completes no internet payment. The completion time of this whole process although is very short, but for us and MeshBox’s team experienced too much, trust, ridicule and even internal or external doubts. It is our persistence in faith and ideals that inspires us all to move forward. Whether in good times or in the cold crypto winter, we never forget our mission. Finally, we….

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