Smartmesh & Meshbox – A Good Starting Day of 2020

Forward from Henry Wang :

It’s the first working day of 2020! The bank notified us that the remittance from Poland has been received! After months of contract, customs, foreign trade, and other agreements, the cross-border cooperative remittances from 2019 finally arrived on the first working day of 2020, a day worth commemorating. SmartMesh & MeshBox welcomes the lucky opening of 2020!

Although this is only a small amount of revenue from MeshBox device testing and SmartMesh blockchain services, but it is potentially a large chunk of the European landscape because the partner’s partner is a Giant in the Polish telecommunications industry. From the perspective of Blockchain applications, this small step taken by SmartMesh and MeshBox is a big step in the real world application of blockchain! 2020 deserves us looking forward to more!

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