Simple Math – Alibaba vs Newton

Here’s some mathematics.

Forward from BOKChain:

Can someone pls correct on my calculation below?

Simple math. If one day Newton becomes Alibaba, does it mean each NEW will worth $4.86? Now the majority are telling me, “Nah, it will never becomes Alibaba, it will definitely exceeded far more than Alibaba!

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Chain-commerce is the basic business model of the human-machine community. In this model, any behavior contributing to the human-machine community will be rewarded. Service providers, consumers, users, customers and other economic actors can effectively participate in formulating and implementing business rule, establish smart collaborations and operate in an automatic, open and transparent manner. Human-machine nodes are self-driven and automatically motivated, thereby forming a business model where everyone contributes goods and services and are fairly remunerated for such contributions through a transparent and programmable incentive system.


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