Most blockchain projects only boast of how much they have raised. At SmartMesh we just keeping delivering.


Forward from : Henry Wang

If you really want to make something that is good for human kind, that is never be indecisive or waver, regardless the difficulties, God will put the right people and resources in the right place at the right time. This combination of heaven and earth is the trend of our universe.

The trip to the Philippines once again confirmed this big trend. The MeshBox Maxwell Alpha version made its debut in the Philippines, which caused a upsurge in the industry. This is the first project of hardware and software integration in blockchain, and then people, matters I encountered and the application scenarios, made me feel that I was pushed forward by this surge of huge wave.

Meeting over dinner with former president of Smart, the second largest operator in the Philippines, and met the designer of the Philippine satellite unexpectvely, we exchanged news of the latest developments in telecommunications and satellites, also the deployment plan of SmartMesh. The consultants of the Boracay Wi-Fi network sat by chance, next to Dr. Peter Yan; exchanged information with the Secretary of the Royal Alliance of the Smart Nation project, Prince Peter, about the problems of the existing financial system and his use of SmartMesh as the underlying solution. They also saw the role of the MeshBox application in the Philippine campaign. With the big boss of the Maharlika basketball league, he was passionately suggested to use the resources of the entire league to distribute MeshBox. Other “accidential” meetings involving some privacy and will not all be list here.

This trip also accidentally harvested the market talents of the SmartMesh Philippines company, with clear thinking, perseverance and weight.

The Filipinos also celebrate Lunar New Year in the Spring Festival. So happened this year is the Year of the Pig. The piglets standing on the blockchain of SMT and MESH will surely fly !

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