Bitcoin Grew 82,000% In 7 Years But ‘Died’ 91 Times in 2018

There are four types of people in this world:

1. Those who wouldn’t get involved whether the price is up or down. Interestingly enough these are the ones who make the most noises about the “price” of Bitcoin and nothing else. So “fork off”!

2. Those who are in but waiting to cut loss or take profit to get out. Now’s probably the worst time to do so and if these people are not serial losers I don’t know who are.

3. Those who will keep venturing into cryptos and blockchain regardless of bull or bear market. These are probably the ones who will not hesitate to increase their stake now as long and as far as they could afford.

4. Those who are not in yet but waiting for an opportunity to grab cryptos at its lowest cost and patiently waiting for the surge in value. What better time to do it than now?

It costs to create global FUD on Bitcoin and/or cryptos, and the cost must be recovered somehow or rather. It is done purposely by the big boys so that they can accumulate their stakes at minimal cost.

What next? One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know, right?

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