Binance to Hold Inaugural Blockchain Week in Singapore

For the conspiracy theorists.

The crypto market, even with it exponential growth (or fall for some) is nothing compared to the conventional fiat investment markets, far less than even 1%.
So why is it still making headlines across the world then?
I mean, why bother if it is so insignificant and irrelevant?
Well then maybe it’s probably not.
It’s clear that cryptos are still the primary target of attack from the existing richest in the world:
1. Who deem it a threat to their fiat-based wealth
2. Who consider themselves missing the boat
Now if you are one of them, whose wealth is 10 times or more of the entire crypto market what would you do?
Now you know why the big bear still dominates the market.
Call it conspiracy theory if you like, but in a free capitalist economy those with wealth always wins.

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29 Jun 2020