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A great introduction of what we do, actually.
Thanks to Pandu Wisaksono for the clarification.

Forward from Pandu Wisaksono:

I got “reminded” by a commenter yesterday that Blockchain is not a solution for everything. In fact, I never said it was even a solution for *most* things.

I spent most of my years in one of the largest IT companies in the world, and I definitely believe that many IT problems require centralization — either for performance purposes, RAS, or compliance. I actually helped build many of Indonesia’s govt solutions, and many of them were definitely centralized due to the compliance concerns and the government’s requirement for data residency. Also, implementing many core banking functionalities on a Blockchain would be a terrible idea from a pure TPS requirement perspective.

When you look *within* Blockchain Zoo‘s blockchain projects, only 20% of each project is actually pure Blockchain. The rest are multiple other technologies within the same solution. Blockchain does not stand alone, it works together with other technologies.

Additionally, out of every 20 projects that engage us, we reject around 18 or 19 of them, and the most common reason for us to refuse projects is because it does NOT make sense on a Blockchain, or does not have any business or technological value. We point those projects to traditional solutions in that case.

This is why Blockchain Zoo’s one of the first companies in Gartner for Blockchain Consulting. We are not Blockchain evangelists!

We are here to consult people on what they can Blockchain– and what they should not.

Credit to Pandu Wisaksono

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