Beating Buffett Series

Finally ZEC has found its footing after a full month of free falling!
Speculators are big time losers here but economists are gaining ground. Why do I say that?
During the bad times when market support is virtually non-existent the miners will dump whatever ZEC they have as long as it is still profitable for them, and will start to hold or even buy back when it dips below the mining cost. Here we can clearly see that the current cost should be around 0.17 bitcoin.

Generally the crypto market is down after the US Presidential Elections when capital moves out to other stabling investments. The major crypto assets are all experiencing red (negative) growth except for…you know who… Bitcoin of course!
That’s why Bitcoin is known as the big brother of crypto assets by a very big commanding margin mind you, though many others have tried in vain of just catching up. So the talk of another to replace it is still just…talk.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to another very interesting crypto asset name MindGene (MG). It is the first crypto in the world that is mined (coloured actually) with our Alpha brainwaves. Yes, by wearing a brainwave detector on our heads while meditating or relaxing.
Its market price, like any other cryptos started on a high and fell to a low before rebounding and drop again. That’s why I think it’s time to pay some attention to it before it releases its full potential in the near future.

Zcash Chart 16 Nov,2016
Bitcoin Chart 16 Nov, 2016
MindGene Chart 16 Nov, 2016
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