Beating Buffett Series – 20

Beating Buffett Series

It’s not my preference to write a market analysis every day or even every other day. After all, life is supposed to be enjoyed, not toiled.

The first is a 15 minute chart, the next 12 hour.
While the 15m chart is not too unusual in any other markets like commodities, stocks or forex, you can’t say the same about the 12 hour chart can you?
Ok, you want to argue? Try to stretch it to a 24 hour chart or beyond and you will see what I mean.

It is starting to become a norm to wake up to a new high. That’s why I always answer those who ask me when is a good time to get in: Any time is a good time if you are in this the longer term.

Besides the grounds of reward halving and US Presidential elections there is also the hidden hand conspiracy for the recent rally where hundreds of millions have been pumped in.

Capital has a cost, and it’s sole purpose is profit.
When most people expect it to surge, it will drop.
When the majority think it will fall, it rises higher.
The cruel fact of life is that winners are only a few, maybe one out of a thousand (or more), and the rest are losers.
The thing that separates winners and losers is “patience”.

In any open market there are no “lost opportunities”, because the market is going to be there the next day, anyway. There are only upcoming opportunities and every day is a fresh day.
Like everything else in life, those who cannot put their past behind them are going to be the losers, and I hope my readers do not belong to this category.

Happy bitcoin trading!

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