SmartMesh Weekly(2019.03.18–2019.03.22)

Progress is aplenty.

SmartMesh Weekly(2019.03.18–2019.03.22)

This year, May Day holiday adjustment is off for four days, suddenly feel stolen by others for three days. I’m physically and mentally exhausted but still did not forget to remind the guest officers should start booking tickets. Air ticket searches are said to have skyrocketed. The Philippines is a nice place to go and maybe one could run into our founder.

This week saw the news that OneWeb, an American satellite start-up, had raised $1.25 billion to begin mass production of Internet satellites. OneWeb plans to provide people around the world with affordable high-speed Internet access by deploying hundreds of low-orbit satellites. This infrastructure will not only help mobile operators and Internet service providers to extend network coverage to hitherto inaccessible areas but also ensure continued network coverage during natural disasters, in line with SmartMesh’s philosophy. SmartMesh implements the integration of the earth and sky network by forming a ground Mesh network with its extended hardware.

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