Calling for Founding Members of the Value Internet Genesis

MeshBox NFT + DeFi Launch Imminent

MeshBox and SmartMesh are poised to launch a new business model which will be a boon for investors and speed the deployment of a much-needed Inclusive Value Internet. This new paradigm will be based on the MeshBox Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) called MBOX, and leverage an innovative DeFi model. Continual Return-on-Investment (ROI) in the form of MESH mining incentivizes Investors and local network operators to work synergistically and bring about a next-generation infrastructure to both developed, and underserved populations.

The MeshBox NFT+DeFi model addresses systemic failures which have led to 3+ billion people without affordable Internet and about 2 billion without banking services. In traditional approaches, centralized businesses evaluate the ROI for deploying high CAPEX and OPEX infrastructure in the form of cellular and fiber networks with connectivity to the Internet. Many remote, rural, and underserved areas do not meet the ROI criteria of such business models, and thus cannot break out of their cycle of poverty.

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