Bitcoin World Tour Cambodia

Bitcoin World Tour comes to Cambodia!


Starting from the majestic Royal Palace we took the tuk-tuk to Coin Cafe at street 360 (junction st.95) managed by Steve Menger who comes from the States and has been living here for the past 6 years.

He got to know bitcoin when it was just US$5 each and sold some at the height of US$1,000! He is indeed a living testimony of a bitcoin success story now owning a pepper farm in Cambodia.

The most pleasant surprise being the excellent food served by the Coin Cafe. The bulletproof coffee is a must, the ginger chicken and Lak Luk is compulsory and…
So satisfying even for a demanding food critic like my family.

Highly recommended by Bitcoin Ambassador!






Bitcoin World Tour - Cambodia

Bitcoin Ambassador is in Siem Reap for Bitcoin World Tour Cambodia!

Here’s Jeff Laflamme from Canada who’s operating AngkorHUB, a co-working space with accommodation!

If you are coming to Siem Reap for work, holiday or just relax he can arrange to fetch you from the airport with a 4G sim card ready for your immediate use!

Of course, best of all, you can book and pay for everything with Bitcoins!

The link to his website plus a promo code will be announced soon.
Watch out this space!

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