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Getting ready for some BTC

In preparation for my trip to Singapore, I wanted to find places to use my BTC, hopefully meet some bitcoiners and have a mini Bitcoin adventure. The night before I left I was evangilizing my friend and showing her the Bitcoin world tour videos. She was amazed by all the places Bitcoin where you can actually use Btc. She was quite impressed by Willson’s posing skills.

The next day I was walking around Singapore and paid for my meal using Bitcoin for the first time at Sarnies. After the delicious meal, I was aimlessly walking around down town when I came upon a Bitcoin accepting bar named Oyster. As I walked closer, I noticed the back of a distinctive hair style, then I noticed the clothes style. I knew it was Willson! I walked up to him and said “You’re the guy who makes the Bitcoin videos, right?” He was very friendly and I showed him the photos of his videos on my phone. We conversed all things Bitcoin and even !out we live in the same city! One of the beautiful things about bitcoin is its ability to bring people of all backgrounds together. It was a memorable Bitcoin adventure in Singapore, great food, new friend and lots and lots of Bitcoin!

– by Virgilio Lizardo Jr.