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Despite the daunting challenges ahead, I will keep pushing to change the world for the better in my own capacity.
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BWT News Channel
What you not yet know

Bitcoin Ambassador visits the secret base of of China’s favorite bitcoin App…Bitcoin Kan!
For the real-time bitcoin prices across all major platforms
For the latest bitcoin or blockchain related news
For buying and selling bitcoins locally…
Nothing less than a dedicated team of enthusiasts can accomplish.

Thing is, can you guess what’s the real surprise?
Of course it’s not how good they are at their job, it’s how good they are musically, they are a rock band!
Yes, you heard me right, a ROCK BAND!
So to relieve from daily occupational stress they usually let it go by playing and singing together after work.
It seems that the top brains are artistic after all!

As they say:
Bitcoin Kan, All in One!




Bitcoin World Tour News

Bitcoin Ambassador interviews Bitcoiner Arley Lazano from Latin America!
A Colombian who lives in Venezuela, the land of Miss Universes!
Since he got to know bitcoin in early 2015 he fell in love with the technology and runs a mining farm in Venezuela.
Now he uses a Bitcoin Visa debit card from Satoshi Tango to go spend his bitcoins everywhere.

Oh yes, can someone help to translate the Spanish towards the end?


The biggest Bitcoin party in Beijing in recent times!
The freezing temperature didn’t seem to affect the crowd and the atmosphere.
The opening session is the popular “Bitcoinomics” by special guest Bitcoin Ambassador (who else), followed by “Blockchain for Finance” by Robin Chu of Huobi.
The end? Well there is simply no end to further discussions (read gossips) on the recent price fluctuations.
Oh not to be left out is of course the main attraction of the trip…Peking Duck!


The  started with heated discussions on the…you’ve guessed it right, the free falling price, what else?
Mike Hearns, MMM, miners blockades, exchanges conspiracy theories have all played a vital role in today’s analysis.

Bitcoin World Tour England made its debut prompting the audience to question the cryptocurrency’s popularity with the consumers and how to improve on its usage to increase circulation instead of purely investing in it.

Bitcoin Ambassador then shared the concept of Smart Contracts with the aid of a clip of Adept by IBM & Samsung built upon Ethereum.
The topic sparked the imagination of our future lifestyles and sent almost everyone into deep thinking…


The first Bitcoin Meetup in Shenzhen!

The first Bitcoin Meetup in Shenzhen was surprisingly well received by the international and local crypto community!
We had initially expected a turnout in the low double digits but…it was a massive crowd indeed!

Bitcoin Ambassador shares his Crypto World Tour experience with both industrial experts and newbies.
Then the Bitcoin related media and businesses had their fair share of coverage and publicity during the event.
The bitcoiners had such a great fellowship that the atmosphere was so electric
I dare even call it a Bitcoin Carnival!

Lastly special thanks to Virgilio for spearheading the organizing and bitbank for the support of the event.
Not forgetting special guests from Hong Kong too! Leonhard A. Weese and Larry Salibra!

Bitcoin World Tour Vietnam!

The Bitcoin Ambassador visits Saigon.

Special thanks to Dominik Weil for organising this wonderful meet up. The bitcoin scene here is still in its infancy but great potential can be seen from the enthusiasm shown tonight.

Insightful market analysis was shared from bitcoin mining, retail adoption and the future of smart contracts.

The beautiful cryptomatic watch made its rounds around the attendees.
The yet to be officially launched coolest Bitcoin cold wallet the CoolWallet was also introduced to the Bitcoiners.

Meeting David Watson of was truly a very pleasant and fruitful encounter. He shared his valuable Bitcoin experience in running a global business. Watch this space, more interesting news of will be covered here.
Now for your travel needs you can pay with Bitcoin which reduces the risk of fraud.

Marcus Leng was here to introduce his Bitcoin accepted errr…preferred business to the local community.
All in all, a very constructive Bitcoin meeting in Saigon!