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Bitcoin World Tour – South Africa (III)


First, a visit to a salon with a bitcoin vending machine inside! Located in Kyalami Shopping Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg.

Although the general adoption of bitcoin is less than satisfactory, the potential remains very positive indeed.

Thanks to Kreean Singh who had gone to great lengths to organise a meetup (or TED talk as they say) in Joburg on a Monday morning!

Farzam Ehsani is the first banker who expressed his “affection” for Bitcoin Ambassador, because normally he is the most hated person by the banking industry. That’s why they call blockchain a disruptive technology, you know.

All in all Bitcoin World Tour South Africa has been a very fruitful one. As for the video, watch this space!

YouTube: Bitcoin World Tour


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Bitcoin World Tour – Cape Town (II)

Thanks to Sonya and the local Bitcoin community for such a great reception.
Actually Bob (Mr Bitcoin) and Alice (Mrs Bitcoin) were the superstars everyone adores.
Local adoption was one of the key issues discussed and Ubud Bali was made a good reference.
Mind Asset Blockchain was also shared with Liza the first to try out the Mind Link. Thereafter others joined in the fun and had a test of their brain power.

It was nice sharing experiences and exchanging views with fellow enthusiasts.
All in all I see great potential in blockchain development in Cape Town.

Bitcoin World Tour – Cape Town (I)

It is a very fruitful day indeed for Bitcoin World Tour Cape Town!

Bitcoin ambassador gets to visit the exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoins for South African Rand besides Malaysian Ringgit, yeah!

Thereafter just a stone’s throw away is Lunchworks where bitcoin is paid for lunch!
So if you have some bitcoins you can board the plane anytime to Cape Town and survive without any fiat in hand!

Video coming up soon.
Watch this space!

YouTube/Facebook: Bitcoin World Tour

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Bitcoin World Tour -South Africa

Bitcoin Ambassador visits Landmark Computers, and Lunchworks in Cape Town!

The blockchain community here is very much alive and kicking indeed. A testimony of Internet and its currency, Bitcoin are here to stay and prosper.

A seamless democratic world of freedom without borders, without nations and without governments.

Oh and this is just the advertisement, the video clip will be out soon. Watch this space!


Bitcoin World Tour Australia – Sydney

The Sydney bitcoin scene is certainly a lively one.
It was certainly not anyone’s favorite weather to do a photo and video shooting. It was drizzling almost all day long but that didn’t dampen our hunting spirits for bitcoin related people or outlets.

I only managed to cover Metropolitan Hotel, Since I Left You and Spawn Point Small Bar in the available few hours. There are many more but I will try to visit them on my next trip here.

The videos will be uploaded as soon as they are compiled, so watch out here on Facebook, YouTube and


Bitcoin World Tour Australia – Gold Coast


Probably the coolest Bitcoin merchant in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast!
You can find it just right across the Broadbeach South Station.
The owner Tej and his wife are both artists who certainly live up to their professions.
You have to come here to visit them to get a tattoo done or get something from their upcoming fashion line, paying with Bitcoins!

BWT Australia1BWT Australia2

BWT Australia3

Bitcoinomics – Changsha Part II

The show went on smoothly until the photograph session.
The crowd could not be controlled towards the end and Bitcoin Ambassador had to be escorted away by armed bodyguards led by event officials.
You know what? They say it’s the first time they see the “real” living person. Before this they only saw him on screen so the excitement is unbelievable.

Yes, it is the technology that matters, it is the message that matters much more than then messenger, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if there is a superstar to attract the public’s attention to this revolution.

Is this progress gaining momentum? You bet.

粉丝抢拍引发骚动 武警护送比特币大使

争先恐后往前挤垮讲台 拍照需要这样拼命吗?


Bitcoinomics Show – Changsha, Hunan (Part I)


The most challenging show to date for Bitcoin Ambassador.
Although the crowd was very engrossed and excited throughout the show for the first first time the front row audience was not responsive at all! This had exerted extra pressure on Bitcoin Ambassador as he thought his presentation was not good and simple enough.

What? Even his oratory skills failed to move them? It was conducted in almost perfect Mandarin or Putonghua that is evidential in previous shows.
It was only until after the show that he got to know that the front row was reserved for VIP guests from Thailand and Vietnam!

Hmmm…ever wonder why the bitcoin price is so hard to press down?


史上首次遭到冷对待 比特币大使无所适从!