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A special report (or obituary?) on Zcash.
The most hyped failure after the DAO?
Well I know the DAO is already dead, but all is not lost after Ethereum saved it hence giving birth to ETH and ETC.
The question: Is there anyone to save Zcash?
It hasn’t yet failed to keep surprising everyone with its new lows giving rise to the mystery of the century:
How low can it go?
Obviously the miners themselves are finding it hard to sustain and selling just to keep afloat.
A rebound is not helped by the capital outflow from the general crypto market and the over concentrated funds in bitcoins.
Whoever is investing in cryptos are expected to keep their main stakes in bitcoins anyway so it is still not bad, but I certainly hope and foresee the altcoin market back alive few more months down the road.

Message from World Blockchain Foundation:
Everyone in the blockchain world should compliment each other to accelerate the growth of the technology.
All new industries come with countless opportunities and the economic cake is big enough for everyone.


China’s New Blockchain Drive: Who’s Leading it, and Why?

People Need to Understand Bitcoin, and New Technology Needs a Human Face

Lee’s Bitcoin evangelism has made him a celebrity in China, with regular event appearances and media interviews. His traveling two-hour presentation, “Bitcoinomics,” across north and south-east Asia introduces newcomers to digital currency. Next, he’s taking the show to Brazil.

His material comes from personal research and his “Bitcoin World Tour,” where he traveled to over 15 countries starting in 2014. Lee is also making a documentary about his experiences called “The Man From Bitcoin.”

Notably, the Malaysia native’s presentation style is what Chinese call “nong min” — “in farmers’ terms,” or in a casual manner easy for the layperson to understand.

People fear what they don’t understand, Lee said. They need to understand Bitcoin easily before they’ll accept or even use it.

To an extent, Lee personifies Bitcoin in the mainstream Asian media. Lee said he does it absolutely to promote Bitcoin and blockchain technology, but the local culture demands a well-known identity to promote them.

“The Asian mentality looks more towards an idol, or figure,” Lee said. “People want to follow the person, not the technology itself.”

Bitcoin World Tour in Vietnam
Lee’s Bitcoin World Tour in Vietnam

How This Turned Into Chinese Government Endorsement

Executives often hire Lee to present at corporate events, and he regularly packs out ballrooms and conference halls. At one such event in Changsha, Hunan Province, a member of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was in the audience.

The representative told him MIIT planned to look more closely at blockchain technology, and had already set up a committee to begin research. All it needed was a catalyst to make a big noise and get everyone talking. So Lee formed the World Blockchain Foundation, a not-for-profit organization to promote blockchain technology, and planned a conference with high-profile guests on the invite list.

For its first stage MIIT, via its research committees, published the Blockchain Technology and Application Development white paper on 18th October. That began to create some buzz, but it needed to grab attention from the Chinese political echelon.

So then came the conference, a more glamorous event (by usual crypto conference standards) designed mainly to announce China’s intent to become involved in blockchain technology development. The event took place on 30-31st October, also in Changsha.

Need to Announce China’s Blockchain Arrival Publicly

Any new policy direction in China, even those backed by senior government bureaucrats, first requires endorsement from the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

Looking at the guest list, the conference was the highest-level blockchain-related event in China to date. Several high-profile Party, administrative, plus banking and insurance company leaders attended.

The first day saw Li Meng, Vice Chairman of the National Government, join proceedings. The second brought Li Wu Wei, Vice Chairman of the CPC’s National Political Bureau. Both joined in photoshoots with conference presenters and sponsors.

World Blockchain Conference Li Wuwei

Lee spoke on both days of the conference, regularly referring to Bitcoin. While some presenters spoke about China’s technological leadership role, others called for permissive regulation to allow Bitcoin and blockchain to flourish there. A group of international guests expressed hope that China could nurture the technology and take a leadership role.

Tencent, maker of various online services including China’s popular WeChat platform, announced it is developing a “cloud blockchain” platform. It is particularly interested in applying smart contract technology.

Anecdotal feedback suggested the invitees responded positively to the speeches.

World Blockchain Foundation’s Ongoing Role

Now the conference is over, MIIT and Lee’s World Blockchain Foundation (WBF) must start the serious work of facilitating actual Chinese leadership in the blockchain industry.

WBF will perform education and training and blockchain technology R&D. It also plans to establish some industrial standards for blockchain and will perform consultative services for both corporate and government clients.

WBF will also have various advisory boards — legal, technological, business and economic. And of course, it will continue to liaise with government departments and political officials wherever possible.

From initial skepticism and mistrust in 2013 to 2016’s tacit endorsements, China has come a long way towards discovering blockchain’s benefits. Not only that, but it’s not marginalizing Bitcoin — there’s definitely a place for financial technologies at the table.

This is thanks to the the open minds at MIIT, and Lee’s promotional work.

China realizes now that blockchain technology is a wide and beneficial field, said Lee. It’s not a clever investment product designed to swindle investors out of their savings, as the government once feared. Instead, as some conference presenters mentioned, blockchain hardware and software applications could drive China’s economy into the future.


by Jon Southurst,

Original Post : China’s New Blockchain Drive: Who’s Leading it, and Why?

The first official World Blockchain and Internet+ Summit 2016


The first official high level government organised blockchain summit.

2016 World Blockchain Summit organised by the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) has concluded successfully, marking the first ever dialogue between the CPC party leadership, government and industrial experts.

I delivered the keynote presentation on the first day and closing speech on the second day as the Secretary General of World Blockchain Foundation.

After the blockchain dream team comprising Adam Vaziri, Stephen Demeulenaere, Thomas Glucksmann and Joseph Toh made their marks on the first day, Jon Southurstcontinued the excellent performance by sharing the brief history and trend of blockchain from the eyes of a professional journalist.

All in all it is a significant milestone reached in the progress of blockchain technology. After all it is the introduction of decentralised concept to one if the most centralised power in the world.

由中国国家工信部主办的 2016 世界区块链暨互联网+ 峰会圆满结束!
峰会首日出席的首长是 第十届全国政府副主席李蒙;第二日出席的首长是 第十一届全国政协副主席厉无畏,充份显示出国家对这项科技的重视度,尤其是在10月18日发布区块链白皮书后。

The Chinese Government initiated this historic event after the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) issued a Blockchain white paper in 18th October 2016.

Reporting live from 2016 World Blockchain and Internet+ Summit
World Blockchain Foundation will be introducing the technology to leaders of the Chinese government and CPC.
Oh, about the price hike in bitcoin, is it our fault again? Hmmm… you be the judge of that.

The first major event by World Blockchain Foundation (WBF) and Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) of China to be held in Changsha, Hunan, China on 30th and 31st October 2016.

Joint press conference by the China Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) and World Blockchain Foundation to hold the first ever official dialogue between governmental bodies, central banks and invited blockchain experts. Giants like Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent will also be there at the end of October.


Blockchain ? Blockchain is not just a technology

Blockchain is not just a technology
Blockchain is also a philosophy

Just like internet
One would not likely to go far in the industry without first possessing an internet thinking
Similarly in the blockchain era one would less likely to achieve greatness unless he/she first acquire a blockchain mindset or cultivate the blockchain spirit

Open, P2P, decentralization, distributed…
All the essence that truly unleash the true potential of internet!



開源 + 點對點 + 去中心化 + 分布式⋯⋯