I just love to repost these “told you so” postings exactly just 1 year ago.
Had you known… yeah right!

A post from Bitcoin Ambassador – Lee Willson, 21 January 2016 :

From around $375 to $420 in less than 12 hours.
A profit of 12% during that period. How about that?
Less than a week ago I said “Go shopping” didn’t I?
It was around $360 which would come to almost 17% in 5 days.
If you are patient enough of course.
Well “patience” in crypto terms means weeks.
Not considered too long a time I suppose.
Oh this is not inclusive of relative profit from asset switching, yet!
Ether has not responded in proportion to the rise in bitcoin.
Meaning? Yummy yummy!

P/S: May I add all the above can be achieved by just sitting in front of the screen for less than an hour a day?!