The Mega Bitcoinomics Talk Show – Macau (2nd time in January 2017)

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Two Mega Bitcoinomics Talk Show within a week to a total of close to three thousand new blockchain fans!
World Blockchain Foundation welcomes all blockchain initiatives to lift the prosperity of the industry.

Another mega “Bitcoinomics” Talk Show in Macau in January 2017 attended by more than a thousand audience.

Combating “Quantitative Easing” (read paper printing) where the world’s fiat currencies are made more and more worthless against real products and services resulting in asset-backed blockchain projects becoming ever popular.

Gold Dollar Blockchain (GDX) is released with the backing of gold mines in Africa on a proof of stake (POS) basis where decentralisation is the ultimate goal. Nothing is a guarantee success but any try as a non-bank non-government control crypto-asset is always welcomed.

Special thanks to blockchain evangelist Thomas Glücksmann, bullion expert Chan KingSton, blockchain investment writer Zhou Chao Hui, bitcoin song singer Zhang Zhang and senior bitcoin miner Jack Liao for making the show an outstanding one.

Don’t expect the price of bitcoin to immediately surge after the show but at least hopefully this will somehow fend off the downward pressure just before the Lunar New Year.