Beating Buffett Series

A special report (or obituary?) on Zcash.
The most hyped failure after the DAO?
Well I know the DAO is already dead, but all is not lost after Ethereum saved it hence giving birth to ETH and ETC.
The question: Is there anyone to save Zcash?
It hasn’t yet failed to keep surprising everyone with its new lows giving rise to the mystery of the century:
How low can it go?
Obviously the miners themselves are finding it hard to sustain and selling just to keep afloat.
A rebound is not helped by the capital outflow from the general crypto market and the over concentrated funds in bitcoins.
Whoever is investing in cryptos are expected to keep their main stakes in bitcoins anyway so it is still not bad, but I certainly hope and foresee the altcoin market back alive few more months down the road.