Bitcoin World Tour Vietnam!

The Bitcoin Ambassador visits Saigon.

Special thanks to Dominik Weil for organising this wonderful meet up. The bitcoin scene here is still in its infancy but great potential can be seen from the enthusiasm shown tonight.

Insightful market analysis was shared from bitcoin mining, retail adoption and the future of smart contracts.

The beautiful cryptomatic watch made its rounds around the attendees.
The yet to be officially launched coolest Bitcoin cold wallet the CoolWallet was also introduced to the Bitcoiners.

Meeting David Watson of was truly a very pleasant and fruitful encounter. He shared his valuable Bitcoin experience in running a global business. Watch this space, more interesting news of will be covered here.
Now for your travel needs you can pay with Bitcoin which reduces the risk of fraud.

Marcus Leng was here to introduce his Bitcoin accepted errr…preferred business to the local community.
All in all, a very constructive Bitcoin meeting in Saigon!


Bitcoin World Tour - Vietnam

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