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Lee Willson is an accountant, investor, corporate strategist, civil activist, political analyst and traveller all rolled into one, not to mention his latest role as the Bitcoin Ambassador of course. He is also one of the very few to share the stage with the legendary investor Jim Rogers.

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Going around the world, proving to the man on the street that Bitcoin’s acceptance is ever growing.
— A project by Lee Willson.

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Movie Crowdfunding

The most exciting news, from China is going to start a film with bitcoin as their subject matter. Bitcoin ambassador, Lee Willson has been invited as the international publicity ambassador for this movie, <The Man from Bitcoin>.

Next exciting is, they are having a fund raising for this movie. Anyone who is interested are welcome to join the party!

Lots more coming up ! For more information, please click ‘READ MORE’.

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We are here to disclaim that, Lee Willson is not involved in any commercial activity related to PIRATED MIND ASSET.

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If you like to invite Bitcoin Ambassador to visit your bitcoin accepted store or merchant for video shooting. Please feel free to send us invitation/email.

We would love to makes friends around the world, especially Bitcoiners.